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Why Rent?  Rodger March 26

Note: As more and more people discover the benefits of rental, and iLetYou grows and sheds light on the tangible and intangible benefits, I’m searching for concise ways of explaining what we’re doing.  Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

In the down economy, renting makes more financial sense than ever.

From an ecological standpoint, you can make a real impact by changing your purchases into on-demand rentals.  From car sharing to consumer subscription services, new and innovative rental businesses are helping you do this without skipping a beat.

Green businesses have embraced rental as a means to turn a product into a service for some time, reducing consumption levels.  Studies tell us what we already know: we derive more enjoyment from our lives, experiences and the people around us, and that’s a better way to spend our hard-earned cash than surrounding ourselves with useless stuff.

iLetYou helps you discover the products you can rent, and the activities that have been enabled by rental businesses helping you discover your inner do-it-yourselfer, adventurer, fashionista, and much more.

It’s a lifestyle you can affordably and sustainably enjoy!


Lovely Kate Beckinsale was on the Tonight Snow Tuesday night sharing a funny story of how she rents Christmas. Kate’s husband, who used to work in the props department, rented her Christmas in Los Angeles via soap suds. Kate also says it was “actually quite cheap”. Go to around 20:00 for the actual story. Much of the interview also showed surprising stories of the Hollywood actress’ cheap habits.

Jay Leno then makes fun of her, saying there are actual snow machines available - which you may be able to rent too. Maybe soap’s kind of a funny way to celebrate Christmas, but a great example of how to save money and have a wonderful time doing it. Love Kate Beckinsale’s attitude for a Hollywood star!


Rent & Reuse Monday: $50 Credit!  Rodger November 24

A fun, hectic week of Thanksgiving Thursday, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday is upon us. You might brave the crowds to save a few bucks. But there must be a better way… I shall call it Rent & Reuse Monday!

With over 100,000 different products for rent at iLetYou, save money and give your loved ones something they’ll truly enjoy. (Are you a store? We’re looking for a few good Stores to work closely with. And get listed.) Try some rental businesses making the world a more enjoyable and greener place at iLetYou:

Avelle. Borrow handbags from the fashion rental leader Avelle, formally Bag Borrow or Steal. With Avelle’s service, you can now rent watches, sunglasses and accessories, with even more to come. Limited time: Use promotional code Luxury7387 and get a $50 credit!

Chegg. Students are back to school. Textbook rental saves 65 to 85%, precious savings for a starving student. Why not get them a gift card for top textbook rental site Chegg? Save 5% on your entire order with coupon code LQ15 for a limited time!

Over 100,000 products for rent! Discover through Tags what’s available for rent as a wonderful place to start. Or, just search for whatever your heart desires at iLetYou.

Have a joy-filled and safe Thanksgiving! Keep the feedback and thoughts coming.


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