What do you want to rent?


Why Rent?  Rodger March 26

Note: As more and more people discover the benefits of rental, and iLetYou grows and sheds light on the tangible and intangible benefits, I’m searching for concise ways of explaining what we’re doing.  Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

In the down economy, renting makes more financial sense than ever.

From an ecological standpoint, you can make a real impact by changing your purchases into on-demand rentals.  From car sharing to consumer subscription services, new and innovative rental businesses are helping you do this without skipping a beat.

Green businesses have embraced rental as a means to turn a product into a service for some time, reducing consumption levels.  Studies tell us what we already know: we derive more enjoyment from our lives, experiences and the people around us, and that’s a better way to spend our hard-earned cash than surrounding ourselves with useless stuff.

iLetYou helps you discover the products you can rent, and the activities that have been enabled by rental businesses helping you discover your inner do-it-yourselfer, adventurer, fashionista, and much more.

It’s a lifestyle you can affordably and sustainably enjoy!


With Connect by Hertz, car rental company Hertz takes on Zipcar directly in the consumer car sharing market.  Enterprise launched WeCar earlier this year, but seemingly has a more business-to-business focus.

Zipcar coined the term car sharing.  Is there really a difference between car sharing and car rental?

Zipcar’s CEO Scott Griffith seems to think so.  He mentions that Hertz is a car rental company, whereas Zipcar has been in the car sharing market for 8 years.

Mr. Griffith is absolutely right.  The dynamics of the market are very much different.  The magic of Zipcar is instant access, and that takes technology infrastructure and the time it takes to perfect such a system.  Rent by the hour is worthless if it takes 30 minutes (or even 10 minutes) to process your order.

However, the object of the broad terms of sharing and rental are exactly the same.  Transfer ownership into enjoyment.  Eliminate waste and excessive consumption in the process, exactly why Zipcar was started in the first place.

Where “rental” really morphs into “sharing” is when you can realistically replace ownership.  The friction of a rental also has to be removed.  More instant enjoyment of services only when you need it, less headache to do so.  That’s where the real power, and honestly the real potential, lies.

I’ll be checking out much more of Zipcar and other green, sustainable sharing services and will be blogging further about the experience.