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HomeAway, the leading vacation rental company online that raised $250 million about this time last year, has just stated that it sees 40% growth this year and similar growth next year.

As stated before, it’s a central fact that in the economic downturn, people are both looking to save money and new ways to make money.  Vacation rentals allow for both, and sometimes in wonderful ways.

It’s still early in the vacation rental market, and we’re expecting significant improvements in the consumer experience in the years to come.

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Want to get away this Winter?  Rodger November 10

Want to get away this winter?  Unless you’re looking at ski and snow destinations, you can rent a vacation home during winter for a quarter to an eighth of the peak season rates.

Winter is a great time to rent vacation homes this winter.  Here’s some good tips about what to look for when renting a vacation home.

Not only is it a great time to rent a vacation home, winterizing your vacation home (especially with a hot tub!) can really drive additional income during typical down months.

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iLetYou has just launched new search functionality for one of the most popular categories in rental:  Search over 80,000 vacation homes for rent!

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Neat featured video about renting (anything!) with iLetYou on 190 North’s bargain bin on ABC 7 Chicago:


Thanks 190 North!  Please stay tuned for some excited new developments in the coming months.


Why Rent?  Rodger March 26

Note: As more and more people discover the benefits of rental, and iLetYou grows and sheds light on the tangible and intangible benefits, I’m searching for concise ways of explaining what we’re doing.  Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

In the down economy, renting makes more financial sense than ever.

From an ecological standpoint, you can make a real impact by changing your purchases into on-demand rentals.  From car sharing to consumer subscription services, new and innovative rental businesses are helping you do this without skipping a beat.

Green businesses have embraced rental as a means to turn a product into a service for some time, reducing consumption levels.  Studies tell us what we already know: we derive more enjoyment from our lives, experiences and the people around us, and that’s a better way to spend our hard-earned cash than surrounding ourselves with useless stuff.

iLetYou helps you discover the products you can rent, and the activities that have been enabled by rental businesses helping you discover your inner do-it-yourselfer, adventurer, fashionista, and much more.

It’s a lifestyle you can affordably and sustainably enjoy!